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Questions & Answers

How do I know I’ll like what you create?

For starters, you can take a look at my portfolio and read a few testimonials from other delighted authors. You can rest assured you'll receive the same service and treatment as them.

But ultimately, the honest answer is that you can’t know ahead of time that you’ll love what I — or any other designer — will create for you. That’s just the nature of the business. But that’s where my 100% Money-Back Guarantee comes in. If you don't love what I create, you can claim a full refund. You can read the full terms here (don't worry, I've kept the details simple).


How does the design process work?

The process is quite simple — and ideally, you’ll even have fun!

To get started, you’ll review the cover design packages I offer and choose the one that best fits your budget and needs.

Next, you’ll answer a handful of questions about your book and its audience. This will give me the information I need to get started creating your initial concepts.

After receiving your information, I would typically aim to deliver initial concepts within a week. Of course, my schedule and the specific details of your cover can impact the initial turnaround time, but I know you're eager to see your designs and I'll work to deliver them promptly. 

After you’ve looked at your initial concepts and made your choice, we’ll go through the revision process, working to get the design just right.

After that, we’ll work on the back cover and spine. You’ll have the opportunity to make revisions there as well.

Lastly, you'll give final approval on the cover design, make your final payment, and I'll deliver your press-ready PDF file and any other deliverables included in your design package that you haven't already received.


How long does the process take?

My goal is generally to deliver initial concepts within a week of receiving details about your book. After that, the length of the process is greatly impacted by the number and type of revisions you want to see, and how promptly you communicate with me about those revisions.


If you have a specific deadline, make sure you let me know about that at the beginning of the project. If you need an unusually quick turnaround time, rush charges may apply.

What if I have ideas for my cover design?

If you have ideas for your cover, please feel absolutely free to share them with me! That said, I also recommend that you allow me to exercise my own creativity as well. Sometimes I'm able to suggest alternative possibilities that authors like even better than their original ideas!

Ultimately, most designs will be a collaborative process. You share your thoughts and ideas, I bring my expertise and experience, and we work toward a cover that you love and that will represent your book well in the marketplace.

I have a photo (or other art) I'd like to use on my cover. Can you do that?

The short answer is, maybe.

There are three things to consider.

First, the source of the image. If it's an image you found online and it's not in the public domain and you don't have permission to use it, then the answer is no. It's important to respect the intellectual property of others and not use copyrighted images we don't have permission to use.

If you've licensed a stock image from a site like iStockPhoto or Dreamstime, I would typically be able to use it. Similarly, if you've obtained an image from a free stock site like Pixabay or Unsplash, I should be able to use that as well. (In both cases, we should still evaluate the suitability of the image—see the third point below.)

Second, the quality of the image. I want your cover to be professional and represent your book well in the market. A poor quality image isn't likely to do that. If the quality of your image isn't good, I want to be honest with you about that so you can make an informed choice. (If you choose to use a poor quality image against my advice, I can't accept responsibility for the final result.)

Third, the suitability of the image. Sometimes an author wants to use an image on their cover that simply isn't going to represent their book well. It may be a snapshot that won't look professional, a stock photo that looks too staged, or a family photo that's personally meaningful but won't carry the same emotional impact for potential buyers as it does for the author. In these cases, we can explore your options and possible alternatives.

I view my role in your project as part designer, part consultant. If you want to take your cover design in a direction that I believe isn't going to do well for your book, I want to be able to be honest with you about that and have a dialog about the best way forward. The truth is, I have expertise in my field, and I'm not doing you any favors by keeping that to myself and not giving you the benefit of my experience. At the same time, you're the author, and ultimately you're the one who needs to love your cover—not me.

Can you do the front cover now, and the back cover and spine later?

Generally, yes. Since the full cover can't be finished until the interior typesetting is completed (because the number of pages determines the spine width), I can typically work with you on the front cover design and then finish the back cover and spine after your interior has been finished.

If you expect a lengthy gap (more than 6-8 weeks) between when you want the front cover completed and when we can do the full cover (back + spine), please let me know at the beginning of your project so I know what to expect.

Do you design and typeset interior pages as well?

Absolutely! After you choose your cover design package, just let me know that you’re interested in having me do the interior as well so I can give you a price quote. (If you’re only interested in the interior pages and not the cover, contact me.)


Are there any types or genres of books you don’t design? 

Yes. If I believe I’m not a good fit for your book, or if my schedule is full and I can’t get to your book in a timely way, I’ll let you know so you can seek other options.

Do you do any genres of books other than Christian nonfiction? 

Although Christian nonfiction is my primary area of emphasis, I've also done some business books, fiction, and children's titles. If you're interested in having me work on your book even if it's not Christian nonfiction, please feel free to contact me with details so I can assess if I'm a good match for the project.


I’m ready! How do I get started?

Just pick out your cover design package and we’ll take it from there!


I have a question you didn't answer here. How can I get in touch with you?

You can click here to send me a message, or you can e-mail me directly at

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