Examples of My Work

Christian Leaders of the Eighteenth Century
The Zigzag Principle
The Life of Jesus Christ
Where No Roads Go
Loving Your Muslim Neighbor
Power Up!
Better with Every Breath
Second Chance at Love
A Genesis Bible Study
Seeing with Fresh Eyes
Three Simple Words
Vietnam and Christianity
Too Much Cream in My Coffee
A Warm Place in the Sun
Enough Chaos
Logic for Christians
The Authenticity of the Bible
How to Study the Bible
Vital Signs
Pursuing the Call
Faith's Checkbook
The Furnace of Affliction
Pauper to Prince
Demystifying Learning Styles
The Power of Prayer and the Prayer of Power
The Wait Will Not Be Wasted
Missionary Warrior
Prayers for A Lifestyle of Learning
Anyone Can Teach Art
Struggle Bus
Faithfully Fervent
Lectures to My Students