How We Can Work Together

Quality design, attention to deadlines, and professional service—all without the hassle and overhead of hiring an in-house designer.

Besides working with individual authors, I also work with publishers on both cover design and interior typesetting. My goal is to provide my publishing clients with quality design, attention to their schedules and deadlines, and professional service without hassle or drama.

I can handle complete projects (cover + interior), or I can work on covers or interiors separately. I can also provide additional services to your authors such as banners (for speaking engagements, book signings, tradeshows, etc.), bookmarks, business cards, speaker one sheets, and more.

Publishers I've served include:

  • Morgan James Publishing

  • Lucid Books

  • Redemption Press

  • Aneko Press

  • Credo House Publishers

  • Carpenter's Son Publishing

  • Encourage Books

  • Brookstone Creative Group

  • HigherLife Publishing & Marketing

  • Iron Stream Media

Types of publishers who may benefit from working with me:

  • Small, independent presses looking for quality design without the cost or hassle of hiring an in-house designer

  • Publishers who periodically have more projects than their in-house design team can handle, but not enough to justify adding another staff designer

  • Publishers of any size who want to reduce overhead through contracting with out-of-house, freelance talent

Other types of businesses who may benefit from partnering with me:

  • Editors interested in providing design services to their clients. I can work on a "white label" basis, meaning you remain the point of contact with your clients and I work behind the scenes; you would retain a portion of the design fee, equaling greater profits for you.

  • PR or marketing firms who serve self-published authors—better covers can mean better sales!

  • Self-publishing coaches, writing mentors, or other businesses or individuals who serve self-published authors. Again, I can work on a white label basis if desired.

  • Typesetters who would also like to offer cover design to their clients, or cover designers who would also like to offer typesetting.

If you're interested in partnering with me for your design needs, I invite you to contact me so we can discuss your what you're looking for. Rates are customizable based on a variety of potential factors, so please feel free to reach out for a custom quote using the form below.

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